How does business use chatbots?

  • General information: Chatbots can provide general information such as About us, Contact us, office hour, pricing, etc., so that customers don't have to crawl your website.  
  • After hours: Chatbots are online 24/7 to help customers so that they can at least receive a response from your brand other than "we will get back to you as soon as possible."
  • Website guide: Chatbots can provide guidance to website vistors and help them quickly find the requested information. 
  • Shopping assistant: Chatbots can assist shoppers to find the items they are looking for by filtering the products based on their description. 
  • FAQ: Chatbots can answer the most frequently asked questions so that you can release your customer service representatives from these simple and repeated tasks.
  • Schedule an appointment: Chatbots can check your calendar and make appointments with customers through chat. You won't get too busy to miss any customers' call. 
  • Lead Generation: Chatbots can capture customers contact information and their interests through chat, automatically integrate with our CRM platform and help you develop marketing workflows. 
Chatbot Pricing Table
     TrialSale! Basic Standard Advanced
    One-time Training Fee $299 $99 $499 $699 $899
    Subscription Fee by Month $29 $49 $69 $89
    Subscription Fee by Year $299 $499 $699 $899
    24/7 Live Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Continuous Training No Yes Yes Yes
    Upgrade Available Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Analytics Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Wide Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Chat History Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Product Listings 5 20 30 40
    FAQs 5 20 30 40
    Free Messages 3,000 5,000 7,000 10,000
    Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started
    • A one-time training fee is charged to build the chatbot according to customer's requirement.
    • A subscription fee by month is charged to keep the chatbot running through our cloud service. Each time your customer sends an inquiry, the cloud will process the request and respond through the chatbot.
    • A subscription fee by year is the discounted price compared to subscription fee by month. For example, if you subscribe trial plan by month, the annual cost is $29*12 = $348 compared to subscription fee by year $299.
    • Continuous training: Each month, our team will review the chatbot performance and make necessary revisions to improve the response accuracy. 
    • All the chatbot plans are upgrade-available. As your products expand, you will probably need to add more content to the chatbot. We offer chatbot upgrade at very reasonable price to keep your customer service up to date. 
    • Monthly analytics reports provide the chatbot performance and statistics for your review.
    • Wide integrations: One chatbot for all messaging channels. Once the chatbot is deployed on our CRM messaging platform, it is automatically available for all the messaging channels that connect to the platform.