Chatbot Service

We build chatbot for small businesses at affordable price.


  • Build the chatbot in an efficient way so that all the small businesses can afford their own chatbots
  • Customize chatbots to meet the needs of each small business
  • Build and deploy your chatbots in less than 30 days
  • We are equipped with Google’s machine learning expertise, Speech to Text, Google Cloud Platform and the most advanced NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, which are proved to be the best
  • Give users more ways to interact with your products by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces, powered by AI. Connect with users on your website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and many other popular messaging channels
  • Use Google machine learning expertise to best understand the consumer’s question and provide correct answers
  • Reach more consumers wherever they are, on any platform, any device, any language all around the world

Chatbot Demo

We provide several chatbot demos for you to test. If you couldn't find the desired chatbot in our demos, please contact us. We can always customize the chatbot for your needs. 

Appointment Schedule Bot

How it works

1. Contact Us

Contact us and request for a quote to build the chatbot ( Please briefly describe your business and the concern about the chatbot.

2. Fill the Template (Click to Download)

We prepare a formatted template document for you to fill the contents that you want to include in the chatbot. You know your customers the best. We provide a guideline and leave it to you to decide what the customers mostly need. Please send it back after you complete.

3. Receive the Quote

After reviewing the content, we estimate the amount of work needed to build and deploy the desired chatbot. It will be categorized as Basic, Standard, or Advanced. Please visit the PRICING page for more information. You will receive the quote within 3 business days. We will then answer any questions you may have.

4. Pay the Quote

Upon agreement, you will pay one-time training fee for the chatbot. The one-time training fee includes 3 month of free regular maintenance service. After 3 months, the monthly maintenance fee will be charged if you want to continue with the service.

5. Build the Chatbot

The chatbot will be trained, tested and deployed within 30 days depending on the complexity of the chatbot and the number of platforms to be integrated. Basic chatbots require less time to train and therefore can be completed in a couple of weeks. We will work with you to test the chatbot internally and make sure you are satisfied with it.

6. Deploy the Chatbot

Chatbot will be released to the end users after internal test. If you want the chatbot to be integrated to your website, we will provide instructions to your website developer. For integration to Facebook Messenger, we will need the access to your business Facebook web page. After deployment, we will give you the access to our platform where you can manage the chatbot.

7. Monthly Service

You will start to pay the monthly service fee after the first 3 months if you decide to continue with the service. You will have the full access to the chat history, the chatbot performance and basic analytics. You can monitor the real-time conversations on our platform and jump in at any time. You can manage customer contacts, conduct surveys and broadcast campaigns.

8. Upgrade the Chatbot

If you would like to include more information into the chatbot. A one-time upgrade fee will be charged upon agreement. Please visit the PRICING page for more information. The upgrade fee is usually much less than the training fee.