LINE is a popular messaging app in Asia, with over 800 million users. It's the main messaging app Japan and incredibly popular in Taiwan, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Indonesia. This integration with the LINE platform will allow you to manage your company account directly from the SmartChat Platform.

Setting Up LINE

In order to connect LINE to your Space, you will need the following:

Creating a LINE Provider

First, you will have to create a new LINE Provider if you do not have one already. Logon to the LINE Developers Console with your LINE account.

Go ahead and press the "Add new provider" button. The LINE provider helps you the connect your LINE account to SmartChat.

Creating a New Provider on LINE

Enter the name of your choice for your provider. Once you have given it a name, press the blue "Confirm" button.

The provider name will only be used internally in the LINE Developer Console and will not be shown publicly.

Creating a LINE Channel

If you do not own any LINE channels yet, you will have the chance to create one after you have set up your LINE provider.

Creating a LINE Channel

From here, select Messaging API by pressing the respective blue "Create Channel" button under it.

Next, follow the instructions and give your LINE channel a name, image, description, etc.

For the plan, you can select the "Developer Trial" plan if you are just looking to test the functionalities privately. Otherwise, you can select the "Free" plan if you want this LINE Channel to be public to all LINE users.

Once you have filled out the required fields, confirm and verify the information to finish creating your LINE channel.

Connecting to LINE

To add a new channel to an existing Space, navigate to Settings and select the blue "Add Channel" button under Manage Channels.

Under the Channel Connection menu, select the LINE logo and press the blue "Next" button.

Once you have done so, you should be asked for the Channel Name, Greeting Message, and other information needed to connect your LINE account.

Connecting to LINE

Enter a suitable name for the new channel. Note that the Channel Name is private and will only be used within the SmartChat Platform.

You may enter an optional Greeting Message. This will be shown when a new member of your audience first contacts you.

Channel ID and Channel Secret

On the LINE Developers Console, navigate to the Channel Settings page. From here, you can find both the Channel ID and Channel Secret.
Channel ID and Channel Secret on the LINE Developers Console

Copy and paste the Instance ID and Token onto their respective fields in the SmartChat Platform.

Verification Token

On the LINE Developers Console, scroll down the Channel Settings page to the Messaging Settings section. Here you should be able to find an item labeled "Channel access token (long-lived)". On the right, select the "Issue" button. This should open a menu for issuing new channel access tokens.

Issuing a New Channel Access Token

In the menu, select "24 hours" from the dropdown menu to give yourself ample time to work with the token. Finally, press the blue "Issue" button to generate your channel access token.

Copy and paste your channel access token into the Verification Token field on the SmartChat Platform.

Connecting to the Platform

Once you have filled in the fields on the Platform, the Platform will generate a Webhook URL for your LINE channel.

On the LINE Developers Console, return to the "Messaging Settings" section under the Channel Setting page.

Under "Use webhooks", enable Webhooks for your LINE channel.

Enabled Webhooks

Next, paste the Webhook URL from the Platform into its respective field for your LINE channel.

Finally, when you click on the grey "Verify" button on the right. You should get a "Success" message.

Optionally, you may also want to disable the "Auto-reply messages" and "Greeting messages" items as they can interfere with the SmartChat Platform.

.Auto-Reply and Greeting Messages

Return to the SmartChat Platform and press the blue "Done" button. Your Space will now be connected to LINE!