The SmartChat Platform

Introduction and Tutorials 

Welcome to the SmartChat Platform Documentation page. In the following pages, you will find all you need to integrate your application to the Platform.

The best way to discover the Platform is to try it out yourself. Whether you are thinking of making a new bot from scratch or already have one in use, get started with the Platform for free with the following guide. No credit card required!

If you have any questions at any time, feel free to click the Live Chat Icon at the bottom right corner and ask us.  

Getting Started

Connect messaging channels

The messaging channels that can connect to the SmartChat Platform are listed below. For a detailed list of features against the other channels, you can take a look at the comparison table.

Navigate the platform

SmartChat Platform has a navigation menu on the left of your screen that shows the different modules on the platform. Currently, the platform has 8 different different modules that allow you to closely monitor and customize your Space:

*Only available to users with "Owner" access level. 


Install Web Chat Plugin 

Depending on what system you use to create and manage your website, we have created step by step guides to walk you through installing a Chat Widget onto your website.


The Platform provides external integrations such as Dialogflow, Chatbase, Zapier for developers to automate the workflow and augment human agents with chatbot.