Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging and voice over IP application operated by Japanese multinational company Rakuten. As of December 2018, it has over a billion users, with its popularity stemming mainly from Europe and Asia.

The Viber Logo

For a detailed list of features against the other channels, you can take a look at the comparison table.

Setting Up Viber

In order to connect Viber to your Space, you will need the following:

Note that creating a Viber account requires an active mobile phone number.

Creating a Viber Bot Account

First, you must create a Bot Account on Viber for your Space to connect to. Head over to the Viber Admin Panel page and log in with your Viber Account.

The Viber Admin Panel Login Screen

On the Viber Admin Panel, select "Create Bot Account" under the side menu. This should open up a form where you are prompted to fill in information about your Viber Bot Account.

Once you have completed the required fields and accepted the Terms and Conditions, press the "Create" button at the bottom.

Now that you have created your Viber Bot Account, Viber should give you the authentication Token for your newly created Bot Account under "Token". Take note of your Token as you will need to it connect your Space later.

Remember to keep your Token safe and secure, as it allows access to your Viber Bot Account.

Connecting to Viber

To add a new channel to an existing Space, navigate to Settings Module and select the blue "Add Channel" button under Manage Channels.

On the Platform, select the Viber Logo under the Channel Connection menu. You will be prompted for the Channel Name, a Greeting Message, and an authentication Token.

Connecting to Viber

Enter a suitable name for the new channel. Note that the Channel Name is private and will only be used within the Platform.

You may enter an optional Greeting Message. This will be shown when a new member of your audience first contacts you.

Authentication Token

Paste the authentication Token that was generated when first creating your Viber Bot Account into the Token field.

The Token should resemble a long string of letters and numbers.

Once you have filled in the required fields, go ahead and press the blue "Done" button to create the Space.